PRESS is a BC-registered Indigenous-led non-profit society incorporated in 2008. The society was created to manage the diverse social and economic benefits to Coast Salish communities that emerged through an innovative partnership between educators, the private sector and Klahoose First Nation.

PRESS provides services to individuals of all cultures, ages, races, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, language, ethnic backgrounds, spiritual beliefs and religions in a manner that recognizes, values, affirms, and respects the worth of each individual while protecting and preserving the dignity of each person. Additionally, PRESS expects that our employees behave in a way that reflects our commitment to person-centred services, including welcoming and affirming diverse perspectives and experiences.

Today, PRESS continues to implement community-centred educational, social, cultural and economic initiatives in the traditional territories of the Tla’amin and Klahoose Nations through imaginative approaches and partnerships in education and training, and the creation of broad-based stakeholder groups around specific aspects of our mission statement.

A core intent of society is to assist vulnerable, marginalized or at-risk individuals and groups to overcome social and economic barriers by learning meaningful skills in diverse settings. Those we serve include persons with disabilities, youth, seniors, women, First Nation communities and individuals, people on a low fixed income and individuals and families at risk of homeless.

By brokering strong and effective working partnerships between government, First Nations, educators, local communities and big business PRESS delivers innovative and successful educational, cultural, employment and economic development initiatives in coastal BC.

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