Fairness- We treat everyone equally and with respect and compassion, recognizing that we have not lived the experience of others.

Respect- We believe every person is valued, and treat one another with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. We respect the knowledge, culture, experience and beliefs of others.

Honesty- We are true to ourselves and our vision and mission. Accurate information, proven approaches and common sense guide our decisions. We are transparent in what we do because people need to trust in who we are and how we work.

Integrity- We know that trust is earned and strive to ensure we are worthy of it.

Discipline- We work hard to be an asset to those we serve and to the larger community. Every day, through our actions and our responses to the people we meet, we have a new opportunity to make a positive contribution.

Communication- We interact with others in a way that is meaningful, purposeful, and inclusive. We give one another the attention and space needed to communicate effectively.

Accountability- We learn from every experience, good or bad; we expect more of ourselves than we do of others; we take responsibility for everything we do.

Introspection- We examine the outcomes of our work and recognize and learn from both successes and mistakes.