This is Ken! He is a client of PRESS and wanted to share his experience with you.
Transition Services

The transition out of high school into adulthood presents challenges and opportunities to every young person. This is especially true for a young person with a disability. We believe that personal safety, positive participation in the community and access to training and employment are key aspects of quality of life that all young people in our society are entitled to enjoy. PRESS works with young people with a disability who are in transition out of the school system to help them identify and pursue goals that are driven by their interests and dreams.

CLBC-Funded Adult Services

PRESS is uniquely and genuinely integrated among CLBC service providers, with an agency-wide focus on removing barriers and improving success for all at-risk individuals and groups – people with a disability, at-risk youth, low-income families, seniors and Indigenous youth and women.

A qualified CLBC service provider since 2011, PRESS offers community-based and residential services to young people with disabilities as they move beyond transition and begin their adult lives. In our existing CLBC-funded services, PRESS consults with individuals, families, staff, health professionals and community partners to find practical ways of supporting each person in finding a role and a purpose that connects him or her to the community in a meaningful, safe and enduring way.

CLBC Mission Statement

Champion the dignity, safety, growth, and success of the individuals we support, and the value of neurodiversity in our community and society.

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