Powell Forest Canoe Route

The Powell Forest Canoe Route (PRCR) is a 57 km route through eight lakes, with multiple campsites set among the soaring mountains and cedar forests of BC’s Sunshine coast.  With multiple points of entry, the PRCR affords both single and multi-day canoe and kayak trips, and is widely regarded as one of the finest lake-to-lake journeys in the province.  

PRESS is the agency responsible for managing the maintenance of the PRCR, and the society works closely with Western Forest Products (https://www.westernforest.com/company/defining-a-higher-standard/) and Recreation Sites and Trails BChttp://www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca) to maintain the many remote campsites – accessible only from the water – that are available at lake and river shores along the route.  Sunshine Coast Tourism (https://sunshinecoastcanada.com) also partners with PRESS in promoting the route at home and abroad.

Photo courtesy of Paul Kamon, Sunshine Coast Tourism

The PRCR connects with the Outdoor Learning Centre at Powell Lake. Once a salt-water fjord, and more than one mile deep, this large lake is situated at the heart of the Coast Mountain Range.   During the height of the season – June to September – more than 150 visitors a month land at the shore beside the OLC via the PRCR.  PRESS is currently collaborating with community, business and government partners to identify and integrate economic multipliers that this intersection offers, especially in relation to First Nation cultural security, and employment and business opportunities in ecotourism.

For more information about accessing the PRCR, visit: http://powellforestcanoeroute.ca

If you have questions about our future vision for the PRCR, contact OLC Director, Hugh Prichard, at hugh.prichard@sd47.bc.ca